Weekend tour

Let’s go to the peaceful national park area to enjoy the delicious camping food and to sauna in beautiful Majaniemi. Forget about stress and rush for a while and simply enjoy amazing landscapes and the nature during the paddling weekend of KalajaRetkeily, You can attend without being a advanced paddler since the speed is calm and the distances are not too long.

Route description

The trip takes two days and it takes place in the eastern side of Etelä-Konnevesi. The route includes archipelago with the most impressive rocks and the most narrow straits in the area which makes the route labyrinth-like and sheltered. During the first day the distance is 16 kilometers  and on the second day it is optional to paddle 8-14 kilometers. In the evening while sauna gets warm, it is time for hiking to top of Loukkuvuori where a wonderful view can be seen.
The trip is both beginners and advanced paddlers.

Starting and ending

The trip begins at 12 o’clock at the landing stage of Törmälä Loma- ja Kurssikeskus (address: Konnekoskentie 552, 77700 Rautalampi) from the side of Hankavesi. The ending of the trip is on the next day by 15 o’clock to the southern side of the National Park in the hamn of Hanhitaipale.

Difficulty level

quite easy and suitable for a person who knows the basics. Requirement is normal physical condition,

Your own equipment

Outdoor wears and shoes suitable for paddling
Clothes to change packed waterproof
Sleeping bag and mattress (can be rented from KalajaRetkeily)
Equipment for sauna

Important to know

We want to guarantee a safe and high quality nature experiences. In case of bad weather circumstances we can cancel or shorten the trip. More information about safety can be found on page of Safety


220 euros per participant, including VAT 10 %.  The minimum fee is  660 € (includes 1 – 3 participants).
The price includes the kayaks and the equipment needed, guiding, food, accommodating and sauna at Majaniemi.

Book the whole weekend for your group  and enjoy the time by yourselves! The weekend can be arranged also in more convenient way with the accommodation at the Törmälä Loma – ja Kurssikeskus and two separated trips to the Hankavesi- lake and the Etelä -Konnevesi area.