Snow shoeing

Wintery adventure within the wonderful landscape in Etelä-Konnevesi

Snow shoeing

Route description

This hiking includes moving around the national park area with snow shoes and building an igloo nearby the Majaniemi cottage.


The trip starts with meeting up at Törmälä Loma – ja Kurssikeskus (Konnenkoskentie 552, 77700 Rautalampi) by 10 am. The ending of the trip is at the same place on the next day by 2 pm.

Difficulty level

Earlier experiences of building up snow structures is no required, we are going to learn the right and safety ways to build. The distances are relatively short and we move without hurry. However facing the freeze and winter nature might be challenging so earlier experiences of this kind of environment is recommended.


All the equipment related to moving and building igloos include the price. The participant must have suitable outdoor wear against the weather, firm and warm shoes that fits for snow shoeing. Also you will need a sleeping bag for three seasons. More specific list of equipment will be sent by e-mail. While hiking we cook with campfire or primus stove. We accommodate in igloos made by ourselves or at Majaniemi.

Important to know

We want to guarantee a safe and high quality nature experiences. In case of bad weather circumstances we can cancel or shorten the trip. More information about safety can be found on page of Safety.


170 €/ person includes VAT 10 %. The price includes also equipment, coffee on the first day and the food during the trip.

Suitable size for the group is 3 -6 persons.