Kayak rental

Price list for Rental

Double Kayak  24 hours/extra 24 hrs

Kayak Star Duo                  70 e  / 60 e/extra

Single Kayaks    24 hours/extra 24 hrs

Kayak Essence 16                  50 e   /   40 e/extra

Kayak Essence 17                  50 e    /  40 e/extra

Kayak  Piderac LV                   50  e   /   40  e/extra


canoe Winkkari 175            50 e   /   40 e/extra (two seats)

Canoe Winkkari 175           60 e  /  50 e/extra (four seats)

Bookings available by phone: +358 405535975 or by e-mail: info@kalajaretkeily.fi

Kayak rental and returning at Hanhitaipale Harbour, Satamatie 143 77700 Rautalampi.

Transportation to Rautalampi or area nearby can be negotiated. Example of transportation prices of kayaks: In Rautalampi communal area 10 €, at Kalasatama landing stage in Hanhitaipale or at landing stage of Kivisalmi 30 €. Häyrälänranta in Konnevesi 38 €.

As you rent and return the equipment, we check their condition. Please, inform us about damages as soon as possible. The normal wearing down is included to price but lost or damaged items we take fee.

The prices include VAT 24 %. The payment will be send by e-mail before the rental. It is also possible to pay with cash as you come to rent.

Route suggestions for individual paddlers

You can plan your own route using this map: http://infogis.infokartta.fi/infogis-psavo

You can find more information about Etelä -Konnevesi from here: http://www.nationalparks.fi/en/southernkonnevesinp?inheritRedirect=true


Starting points:
  • Communal beach in Pitkälahti in the city center of Rautalampi (Uimalantie, 77700 Rautalampi).
  • Törmälän Loma- ja Kurssikeskus ( Konnekoskentie 552, 77700 Rautalampi)
Places worth of visiting:
  • Rock paintings at Toussunlinna
  • Wind Shelter in Rajasaari
  • Archipelago around Vilosensaari
  • Konnekoski and Karinkoski


Starting points:
  • Landing stage ofHanhitaipale(Satamatie 150, 77700 Rautalampi).  It is a calm spot to start your trip to the best kayaking waters
  • Kivisalmen Kievari in Kivisalmi in the border of Rautalampi and Konnevesi (Rautalammintie 1935, Konnevesi).
  • Häyrylänranta (Satamatie 60, Konnevesi). The starting place is on the side of Konnevesi, the western of national park. There is good harbor and café services.
Places worth of visiting:
  • The rock located in north-east of Saukkosaari near Kalasatama ( You can also go around the whole Saukkosaari, island, form the south)
  • Varpustenlinna  in Viitaniemensekä
  • Käpynänlahti and Käpynänukko(rock that looks like a face)
  • The archipelago of Kodanovinen
  • Majasaari, traditional place for landing is in the north
  • Kalajanjärvi and Kirkkolahti
  • Wind Shelter of Lapinsalo
  • Wind Shelter of Navettasaari
  • the eastern side of Iso Pyysalo
  • Island of Lantsu

There are plenty of places to see and experience in Etelä-Konnevesi. Start with these examples and find your own favorite!

Paddling Route around Rautalampi:

There are nine lakes and two channels in total when you paddle around Rautalampi. The starting point is in the city center in Rautalampi and the total length of this route is approximately 80 kilometers. All the services are nearby the route, cottages(in different quality levels) two kiosks and a store.


Idyllic cottage just in the middle of Etelä-Konnevesi brings the old history to the present time. The cottage is now days functional for kayaking tours and cruises. it can be rent by all the hikers or paddlers. Here you can forget all the stress by seeing the nature and landscapes around you. And what would be better way to relax your aching muscles than warm sauna?